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On how the terrorists are winning

Read this: I played WoW, I became a terrorist.

When ordinary people are charged with responsibility for other people's safety and then fed on a diet of sensationalized fear, we've created a system that amplifies stupidity.

So Sorry Uncle Albert

August 2006


Today started a little off-balanced. It's not natural to wake up at 6:15 feeling like you have to hold onto the bed to avoid sliding off.


Applicant A, with her long résumé,
Boasted many a project completed.
She'd seen great successes (and last minute stresses,
But always come through undefeated).
Her contracts were many, not staying in any
One place very long; now her hope
Was a stable position. My final decision:
Too flighty--I doubt that she'd cope.

Applicant B, with her smooth repartee
Seemed a wonderful fit for the role;
I quizzed, "Motivation to change occupation?"
She answered, "Career's in a hole."
I had probed, "So you'd go? Leave your old place with no
One to shoulder your share of the toil?"
Then I bade her good-bye with a frustrated sigh:
I'm looking for someone more loyal.

Applicant C had a recent degree
With distinctions and honors throughout.
And although she was young, it was clear that this one
Knew her discipline inside and out.
On her qualifications and college ovations
She'd send other applicants packing.
In short: she's well prepped for this placement, except
That in years of experience, she's lacking.

Applicant D was extended the freedom
To try an alternate career;
(Despite working madly the business went badly--
Rightsizing was swift and severe.)
Though her CV was good, she was jobless: she couldn't
Be trusted to fill this position.
Well, would you accept aid from a girl who had made
Such a fated employment decision?

It's frightfully hard to find one I'd regard
As a barely acceptable choice,
Much less one imbued with the right attitude,
Habits, bearing, appearance and voice.
I advertise widely (I once even tried
Leaving flyers where hopefuls might mingle),
But the dregs that apply make me wonder if I
Might be better off staying a single.

June 2006

Limerick Diplomacy

Nine limericks. Only nine limericks, but they pack in a wonderfully effective summary. Here's an example.

Speedysnail wrote: 

So, this war of yours—how is it going?
Any sign of which way the wind’s blowing?
With the butcher in jail,
You can’t possibly fail!
By the way, your electrodes are showing.

Go and read all nine.

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