June 2006

June 2006

Limerick Diplomacy

Nine limericks. Only nine limericks, but they pack in a wonderfully effective summary. Here's an example.

Speedysnail wrote: 

So, this war of yours—how is it going?
Any sign of which way the wind’s blowing?
With the butcher in jail,
You can’t possibly fail!
By the way, your electrodes are showing.

Go and read all nine.

Release the Beast

Limericks to celebrate the arbitrarily apophenically auspicious antichristian date, 6/6/6.

One inspired by speedysnail

Which calendar would the beast use?
The Romans', the Greeks' or the Jews'?
No ancient historian
Would use the Gregorian
Unless he were lacking for clues.

And a couple involving gratuitous oblique inclusion of The Number.

A Sydney girl, born in St Peters,
Was one of the world's fastest eaters.
When her figure increased
They named her "The Beast"
(Her statistics: 6-6-6, in metres).

A Kiwi girl (call her Miss X)
Sat drinking a bottle of Beck's.
Now my jaw's in a state:
When I asked for a date
I was sure she said sex! sex! oh! sex!