November 2005

"it corrupts the society that tolerates it"

How is it possible, in the twenty-first century, for Cheney to justify a pro-torture stance?

Quis custodiet?

Who can we trust to cure this modern world of "rampant copyright violation"?

Sony, that's who!

And how will they do it?

  1. By infecting all the CDs they produce with malware that installs itself on your computer, cloaks itself, provides vulnerabilities for other malicious programs to exploit on your machine, and disables your operating system if antivirus software is used to remove it.
  2. When eventually forced to act because of the public outcry, providing a tool to remove their noxious malware from your computer, which itself installs a component that is even more of a security threat than the initial installation.
  3. By breaching copyright themselves. Yes. Their DRM enforcer program contains uncredited sections of copied software. And for an extra dollop of irony, it was ripped off from a program written by DVD Jon.
  4. By denying that they have any problems.

It must be time to go out and buy some Sony CDs now. Mmmm! Yummy new vulnerabilities for my computer.


I decided to toy with the triolet.

Why? Because it's a compact form with tight constraints on meter and rhyme. It piques my penchant for word puzzles. It challenges me to use the enforced repetition (with its song-like patterns) to pull different meanings out of a very few words.

While wandering an endless way
I found another. Life is full
of threads that twist, or tear and fray
while wandering an endless way.
No light invited me to stay,
no cheery hearth, no homeward pull.
While wandering an endless way
I found another; life is full.